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While most claims get paid within a few weeks, a small percentage of claims does not get resolved and can be difficult to conclude. You typically file tracers and even make phone calls to the insurance companies but, unfortunately receive marginal if any response. This small percentage of claims may remain uncollected for months. Since you are not setup as collection agency to deal with these unpaid accounts, many doctors are often faced with two difficult choices. Either write off the unpaid accounts or refer them to a hard-core collection agency. In which case the medical practice looses 30 to 50 percent of the value of the claim. In addition to this high percentage fee, the practice will most likely loose the patient as a client. Harsh collection measures usually result in the loss of patient goodwill.

In summary, what we wish to provide you is an ability to close the book on every insurance claim by utilizing this service only on those specific and few claims requiring this type of additional effort. We will provide this at a fee which frankly is not possible for your company or your staff to approach, not even considering the impact and effectiveness of our national collection program.
  • RECOVER MONEY FASTER: Unlike other collection agencies, past-due accounts are instructed to pay the doctor directly. We collect from both patients and insurance companies.

  • SAVE ON INTERNAL & COLLECTION COSTS: Reduce internal costs by as much as 30% and your collection costs by as much as 50% by using our collection system.

  • RETAIN CONTROL, PATIENT LOYALTY & GOODWILL: You decide when to start collection activity, when to stop, and how they want each account handled; diplomatically or intensively.

  • INSURANCE CLAIM COLLECTION SYSTEM: Significantly reduces the days outstanding for insurance and workers compensation claims and reduces the number of days needed to follow up on claims.

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